How to find a good sofa material supplier

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When looking for a good sofa material supplier, there are several factors to consider to ensure you find high-quality and durable fabrics or leathers:

Fabric Types and Durability

Look for suppliers that offer a wide range of fabric types like cotton, linen, microfiber, polyester, and performance fabrics. Pay attention to the double rub count, which indicates the fabric’s durability – aim for 15,000 or higher for residential use. Woven fabrics tend to last longer than printed ones.

Leather Quality

For leather sofas, look for top-grain or full-grain leathers which are more durable and develop a nice patina over time. Avoid lower quality split-grain or bonded leathers.

Stain and Fade Resistance

Consider fabrics treated for stain, water, and fade resistance, especially if you have kids or pets. Synthetic fabrics like olefin, acrylic, and microfiber are good options.

Customization Options

Look for suppliers that offer a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures to match your decor. Some companies like BenchMade Modern allow custom sizing and configurations.


If eco-friendliness is important, look for suppliers using sustainable materials like organic cotton, linen, or recycled polyester. Sabai designs their sofas with end-of-life disassembly and recycling in mind.

Customer Reviews

Read customer reviews to gauge the quality, customer service, and overall satisfaction with different suppliers. This can help narrow down your options.Some reputable sofa material suppliers mentioned in the search results include Revolution Fabrics, Hawthorne Supply Co., and the brands featured by Wirecutter like Article, BenchMade Modern, Burrow, and Sabai. Taking the time to research will help you find a high-quality supplier.

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