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We meet your request of all kind of Artificial leather

We have made artificial leatherl for over 28years, we sell to all over the world.
The products are using in many field like shoes, garments,sofa,furniture, cars etc.

Classification of Artificial leather

Artificial leather is a kind of plastic product that looks like leather and feels like leather and can be used instead of it. Usually made from fabric as the base, coated with synthetic resin and various plastic additives. There are mainly three types of PVC Artificial leather, PU Artificial leather and PU synthetic leather.

Classification of Artificial leather:
1. Classification according to the synthetic resin used: PVC Artificial leather, polyamide Artificial leather, polyolefin Artificial leather, polyurethane Artificial leather;
2. Classification by base material: cotton cloth base (including plain cloth, bleached cloth, dyed plain cloth based Artificial leather, canvas based Artificial leather, knitted cloth based Artificial leather and napped cloth based Artificial leather), Synthetic fiber base (including nylon spun polyurethane Artificial leather and wet single coated polyurethane Artificial leather), fiber base (including paper based PVC Artificial leather and non-woven Artificial leather);
3. Classification by production method: direct coating and scraping, transfer coating and scraping, calendering and laminating, extrusion laminating, rotary screen coating, wet Artificial leather;
4. Classified by purpose: civilian (shoe top leather, clothing leather, box leather, bag leather, handbag leather, glove cart, furniture leather, etc.) and industrial (vehicle leather, floor leather, etc.).

Test items of Artificial leather:
Physical testing, chemical testing, composition analysis, harmful substance testing, environmental protection testing, reliability testing, flame retardancy testing, content testing of related substances, etc.

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We are warmly wecome you request us for the quotation and detail. Our factory are professional material factory which is more than 28years of making material.

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